Funky Fresh makes all of its products from raw, high quality local and organic ingredients.


Our kombucha is created using a blend of superior quality organic teas to produce a highly complex and bold flavor. This lively and powerful buch is sure to make you feel great!

Our Classic Kombucha is brewed with a combination of black, oolong, green, and white teas to create a well balanced flavor while containing the healthy benefits each tea has to offer. Look out for our rotating cast of exciting flavors such as apple lemon ginger, pineapple coconut, red jasmine, lavender lemongrass, and many more!




Our sauerkraut takes this traditional German ferment to new levels. Created using a blend of farm fresh cabbage and vegetables and expertly fermented to make an amazingly flavorful kraut. Our kraut is unpasteurized so it's packed full of valuable probiotics. A delicious snack and condiment that is also extremely nutritious. Add our colorful kraut to bring excitement to a wide variety of foods.


Kefir Pop

Kefir Pop is something we at Funky Fresh are super exited about! Kefir Pop is a low sugar naturally fermented probiotic soda, full of living probiotics as well as vitamins and minerals. If you enjoy light, bubbly, sweet tonics you are sure to love this refreshing beverage. Our flavors vary seasonally and never disappoint!